Global Citizen - Inappropriate Adult CD


Released August 23rd 2019.
The latest album from Global Citizen featuring the standard twelve tracks plus three bonus tracks unavailable on cd until now.

Comes in cd jewel case with 8 page booklet.

Label: Geishab0y Records.
Cat no. GBRCD004

Track listing:

1. Pearls
2. Ain't Over Yet
3. Whilst You Were Asleep
4. Tomomi & The No Panties Coffee Shop
5. Back To Square One (We Move In Circles)
6. Shinjuku Chick
7. Scene Of The Crime
8. Shumag
9. Ooh La La (Featuring Mr. Strange)
10. The Luck Of The Draw
11. Wings
12. Whisper In The Dark

Bonus tracks:

13. Ain't Over Yet - Single Edit

14. Ain't Over Yet - Minor Mix by Nik Hodges

15. Your Dirty Little Secret

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