Global Citizen - Aliens In Your Attic Double CD


It's a little bit like Star Wars, this should have been episode one but is to be released in fourth position, it's the debut album that never got it's official debut, until now!
Twenty years down the line Aliens In Your Attic is officially released for the very first time as a double CD on Geishab0y Records, the first disc contains the original 14 track album, the second disc contains the tracks from the two associated single EP's (None Of It Is Real & Give Me Hell) plus four previously never heard tracks!
Recorded between 1999 and 2001, the album and it's associated singles were originally released as hand made cdr copies long before the band were eventually signed to a label.
The booklet is sixteen pages containing all the lyrics, pictures and other information on the release.

Track listing:

Disc One:
1. Insane
2. Skinny
3. Swell
4. Give Me Hell
5. Hilton V.1
6. The Only One
7. Theme To Whatever
8. Plucking The Daisy
9. My Eye Candy
10. Ethnisyncronicity
11. None Of It Is Real
12. Aliens In Your Attic
13. Guilty As Charged
14. Another Planet

Disc Two:
1. None Of It Is Real - Radio Edit
2. Out To Get Me
3. Global Citizen
4. Behind Closed Doors
5. Give Me Hell - Radio Edit
6. Lady Killer V.1
7. Stalker
8. Stalker - Fanatical Mix by Bedroom Fanatic
9. Insane (Long Drum)
10. Analogue Knots
11. Virtuoso
12. Cyberwalk

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